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The Lockton Longshots

For Father's Day this year, I thought this wine and a lotto ticket appropriate for

someone who was familiar with taking long shots!

Thanks, Dad, for betting on me - definitely a long shot for the Olympics at age 22! Thank you for encouraging me to leap; betting on my ability to grow wings from the ingredients you worked so hard to put into my hands.

This Father's Day wish also goes out to my Dad's dad, 'Toughie'. The toughest little cowboy the little town of Nanton saw, in the early 1900's.

At 5 years old, little 'Toughie' - then known exclusively as Harwood Lockton - was dragged across the pond alongside his 2 brothers and his parents - small town British dreamers seduced by the idea of owning and 'proving up' frontier land in the Alberta foothills. It was 1910, and it was nuts of course; brutal and soul sucking and dangerous and cold. But what did they know? Nothing in their lives could have prepared them for the hardships they would face.