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The Birth of the Radiation Fashionista

Want to know what finding joy in a shitstorm can look like? A year ago, it looked like inventing an alter ego called 'The Radiation Fashionista' and going live on Facebook in the change room at the Cancer Centre before radiation treatments.

The idea was sparked when I got a good look at myself in the mirror and was terrified of what I saw. Death. Only worse - LIVING death.

And I knew I had to feel better, if I was going to stick around. I HAD to.

And I knew it was a DECISION ...

... and that only I could do it ...

... and that it would need regular topping up.

And so I donned my hat, thought up this silly, slightly scary idea and the next thing I knew ...

my phone was out of my pocket and was talking to you guys!

It was a daily strength giving, perspective giving exercise that brought me closer to all of you, while I was quarantined in the Daffodil Lodge.

That dose of joy was good to carry me through a fair portion of my day. There were other things I did to find joy, but we'll start with this.

Here is a link to one of the videos I made, Live on Facebook in May of 2020. Finding joy, one day - one radiation change room and fabulous hat - at a time. (

Enjoy! I hope it inspires you to find joy in the middle of YOUR shitstorm.

ANYTHING is possible!

Take a chance,



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