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Marty Gardner; Moves Mountains to Make Magic with Horses

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing someone special for my very FIRST interview EVER, for my podcast and course. I was so nervous, I stayed up all night! Apparently, so was Marty …

On the way to the interview, I stopped to do a LIVE Facebook post and tell folks where I was heading. It is part of my process - appearing in the world without an edit button or a filter as a way of overcoming the fear of being seen for who I really am. Every time I do it, I am as surprised by what comes out of my mouth as YOU are, I can assure you! It is mildly nauseating and positively thrilling - not unlike cross country riding.

It was a bold statement at the time (August of 2021) to say I was interviewing someone for my podcast … when I didn’t HAVE a podcast or know how to MAKE a podcast yet … hence the sleeplessness. But Marty was GOLD, and his wife Yvon was GENIUS! And, I am SO glad we met.

Yvon supported Marty and I in every way possible - food, water, clean reading glasses, a comfortable set up and … Reiki. Yvonne was a Godsend! She did energy work, while we got over the willies of meeting someone one day … and interviewing them THE NEXT! Her role on the farm is that of being the glue, the heart and the sunshine that make it all work.

Marty and I share missions - to help humans and horses connect and find unity through understanding and empathy. We also share energy management issues, as we overcome health issues. When I met Marty, I was overcoming cancer treatment and a bad fall from a horse. He was nursing his health and managing a horse business while managing Lime disease. We compared notes on resilience, and pushing our edges while not burning out. He has more to offer the world, than just how to ride horses good …

Marty Gardner from Flattop Horsemanship truly defines horsemanship. He is the epitome of what my Dad and I are bringing together.

As the crossbred offspring of a Western cowboy-come-veterinarian and and English horsewoman, I have always looked for the common threads that unite and define good horsecraft. I found plenty of them in Marty! We could talk horses for DAYS!

Marty brings together the best of many disciplines with a kind, inquisitive mind and a gentle, patient touch. With a background in working ranch horses, Classical Dressage and Vaquero riding, with a love for Andalusians, he brings a lot of tools and a depth of understanding to the arena. His definition of horsemanship says it all:

Horsemanship- the ability to help horses understand and function within our world without losing their dignity and spirit.

Marty's mission? The pursuit of unity.