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Lesley Grant-Law; Bulletproof Bitch of Eventing … or just like you and me?

Get ready to meet and love my friend Lesley Grant-Law. You will resonate with Lesley if you have ever looked at someone else's life and wondered how the hell they did it??? Lesley will tell you!

Lesley's superpower is her honesty and ability to be gritty and real. She just LOOKS like a fairy tale princess, and we often assume that anyone who lives a life with horses is living a fairy tale.

That is partly true.

There IS a dreamlike quality to ANY life we create around horses, especially when we strive to do it to the highest level possible … but Lesley will tell you what it takes if you were NOT born a Rockefeller, OR with boat loads of ‘talent’.

I met Lesley when she was sixteen years old. We called her 'Flip' for the move she used, to toss long locks out of perpetually mischievous eyes. Lesley was always brighter than hell, in more ways than one.

First, she was exceptionally well-educated and is smart en