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'Left Turns at Albuquerque' and 'Building a House That Stands'

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

"Hey, Bixby! How do you spell Albuquerque?"

You know I have been presented with some unexpected option, some potential left turn, when I am searching for THAT word!

It's the Labour Day Long Weekend, and Monday's visit with an old acquaintance did NOT disappoint! SO many stories! And a near wrong turn at Albuquerque ...

This person and I have quite a history, one that deserves to be unpacked separately, in some other way shape or form, some other day. Today, is not that day!

I will tell you that we each submitted stories to the CBC short story contest about the same night of our lives, what brought us there, and the peace we have found since. Obviously, our stories didn't get picked up and no one noticed that two contestants entered stories from different perspectives about the same incident, or you would have heard all about it. Probably for the best! The story of how I, as a dorky 17 year old virgin, became widely known as 'Sex Kitten' to my heroes and mentors ... needed more that the allotted 2000 words to be properly unpacked.

AND, and I think people would have missed the point, which was all about reconciliation and the limitless possibility for human growth and evolution.

This is not that story, but rather a story about my own evolution and breaking patterns to create the sense of safety and connection I need, before I make any other grand leaps of faith.

I have a history of diving in head-first and going off half-cocked, following one grand plan after another in great, over-adrenalized, blind bargains with fate. I have spent my life surrounded by over-achievers, making me believe that ANYTHING is possible, and it is! But sometimes I am missing a few essential ingredients to make it all come together.