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It Ain't All Sunshine and Buttercups; Sharing Ancestral Stories for Perspective with Kim Walnes (TW)

TW: This post comes with a trigger warning, as we explore life after trauma *******************************

If you watch the news, you will know: the world is on FIRE!

And while that may be true … there is another important truth right on the heels of this one.

It has ALWAYS been this way!

Truly. Ask an elder!

At a time when we are bombarded by images of war in the Ukraine, stories of climate catastrophes, and going through our own personal struggles and losses, it can seem overwhelming. You may wonder how it got to be this way and if there is any hope in this uncertain time. You may even long for ‘the good old days’, and something you perceive as ‘simpler times’.

Yes, the world IS in fire.

AND ... it always has been this way!

Turns out, the certainty you are looking for, my dears, is just a myth. And yes, sometimes life is a full blown shitshow. So how do we cope? How do we find hope? I like to turn to our elders.