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What Does 'Taking the Lead' Look Like?

So it seems I am going to have to live up to the name I gave my business, Take the Lead, and make a living out of leading with the change I want to see … and furthermore, doing it out loud.

That means I’ll let you in on the shit-sandwiches I have had to swallow over the years; sometimes crammed in sideways and washed down with the salty tears of self-pity. It means I have to be willing to be vulnerable and let you guys in on some of the life lessons I have been wrestling with, and what they have looked like in my life.

Ultimately, I’d like to leave you with one version, of what living change and taking charge of your own nervous system looks like. Do with it what you will! But do be gentle – I have had 51 of my own years … plus generations more of my ancestors … living the same patterns. Change isn’t easy! Doable, though, I figure.

If you are anything like me, you WILL trip and falter, along the way. At least, I did! So, I can only assume that you will, too. Of course, we all know what they say about ‘ass’-u-ming’! 😉

But seriously; if you don’t ever struggle; I don’t think I want to know you! 😉 You can just go fuck off now, to your yacht club or whatever, and the rest of us will get together and have a little talk. Have a nice day! 😉

For the rest of us … it’s not going to be a straight line!

And in case you were wondering, I happen to know that owning a yacht does not preclude

you from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm, or from needing to change generations-old programming that doesn’t serve you anymore. Not that I have owned a yacht myself … but I digress. It was a lazy premise, to make a point - to make you picture this idyllic life – all crisp white collars, sunshine and emerald seas. Sigh …

But, we never know what is going on beneath the surface, or when a lovely, calm sea will blow up in our faces.

Life is change. Certainty is a myth.

My point is, we ALL struggle, sometimes.

Just know this ...

a) Struggling is ‘normal’. Whatever THAT is! 😉 Everyone is doing it these days! The thing is … we are living in challenging times. Did you think it was going to be easy???

And also know this …

b) You can do it! Get back up, that is! Dust yourself off, that is! Know this: you will always be able to get back up, just exactly as many times as you fall down. It’s a given! I have tested this theory heartily and it has stood up well.

And know this, too …

c) when you struggle, borrow the strength of others! That’s what they are here for, for pity’s sake! But how can they help you, if you won’t let them know what you need?

We were never meant to do this alone. We are meant to be a part of an intergenerational web. Most of us know that, on some level, even if we don’t live it.

What they don’t tell you, is that it is up to YOU to build the damn web for yourself! It is up to YOU to choose wisely who is a part of it! Do they fill you up? Do they bring good things to the table? Sure, nobody’s perfect! And no, we aren’t keeping tabs. But let’s look at who we choose to spend our time with, because in the end, that is all we really have to spend – time.

And finally …

d) Time; the only actual resource we have to ‘spend’ on anyone. Spend it wisely and well. NOW, for instance! Instead of reading my drivel, there is probably something really wonderful you could do for yourself; like call a friend, or make a pot of tea, of go for a walk, or play great music and dance. Sky’s the limit!

You know what I realized, when I was all pissed off about my life and how busy I was, and how I didn’t have time for the things that would bring me quality of life … and I was threatened with cancer? I realized NOBODY was going to do any of those things FOR me! It was up to me if I lived a day worth living, from one day to the next.

Then, I found out that joy was out there, right in the middle of the shitstorm! I just needed to remember to look for it.

It’s now or effing never … or it COULD be.

That’s the thing … we never know.

So, find joy now. And now. And now. And now.

And let’s play nice, along the way. Life is so short.

Take a chance,



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