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More about Chuck

Chuck is also a writer and published author.   He has to his credit ‘El Carmen’, a short story; ‘Back to Willow Creek’, memoirs; ‘Tighe’, an historical novel; and several children's stories.  He has acted in amateur theater productions.


Chuck and his wife of 57 years, Keitha enjoy semi-retirement on their farm near Callander, Ontario where he raises livestock and poultry, gardens, reads extensively, writes, and takes pleasure in all of God’s creatures.  The couple’s special hobby is duplicate bridge.  They have a son, Ty and daughter Paige with three grandsons –Zack St.Denis and Max and Sam Wilde.


I learned most of what I know about horses from my father. He was the grandson of a well-known Teamster and old enough himself to have used horses to work the fields and get himself back and forth to school. Raised in difficult times on the edge of the Alberta prairies, he went on to become an Equine Veterinarian. He was driven towards veterinary medicine to end the awful cycle of helplessness and the needless suffering he witnessed when families like his couldn’t afford to call the vet.

He graduated and found work in a small farming community in Northern Ontario. He made sure no animals suffered needlessly, no matter what. He took care of the animals first, then people paid him if and when they could, often through trading or bartering. That’s how I got my first ponies! Imagine – he had a young family and was struggling to make ends meet as a veterinarian, but no one would have guessed. He managed to meet all of my needs, in terms of providing horses and educational opportunities that led all the way to the top of the sport of Three-Day Eventing.


Well known for his deep voice, his hearty laugh and bottomless generosity, he inspired a generation of horse lovers from the North.  He worked with everything; from work horses in lumber camps, to Standardbred racehorses, Morgans, Quarterhorses, broodmares, foals, stallions, crossbred mongrels and well-bred show horses from every equestrian discipline. He was an early specialist in equine reproduction and artificial insemination and was happiest attending a foaling or watching his young horses at play. He inspired me to see all equestrian disciplines; indeed, all life; as equal.

He continues to find joy raising sheep, cattle and chickens and gardening on his small farm, and hopes to pass on his wealth of hard-won horsemanship knowledge to another generation of horse lovers through his writing and speaking.  

Chuck thinks of himself as ‘just an ordinary guy that has had one hell of an extraordinary life’.

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