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Are you frustrated by a lack of connection and clarity with your horse? Does your dream of horse ownership not match your reality? Are you confused by the many disparate methods sold by trainers and searching for clarity?

This course, designed by an equine veterinarian and an experienced international competitor in the sport of 3-Day Eventing, is aimed at helping humans better understand and connect with their equine partners. Connecting with our horses and developing the human-equine partnership of our dreams requires an intimate knowledge of the species, as well as an understanding of how to be the human our horse needs us to be. Part equine evolution, part science of communication, and filled with stories and anecdotes from our own lives with horses, to entertain and bring the teachings to life.

What is Horsecraft?

We will look at the definition of good horsemanship across the disciplines and the

common threads and attributes of good horsecraft practitioners


A LEG UP -  A few of our Guiding Principles

  • Do the best you can with what you know. Then when you know better, do better.

  • Take life lightly and enjoy the ride.

  • Test yourself. Test your horse. Test your relationship, but realize that there will be limitations as you learn and grow. Find satisfaction in all of the little steps along the way. If you feel it, your horse will too.

Topics covered

Influence of Equine Evolution

Awareness and mobility

Herding instinct and social structure

Equine interaction

Pecking order



Locating sound

Prosodic use of voice


  Sense of location or direction

Sense of smell

Sense of time

Sense of taste

Sense of Adventure

Sense of touch – whiskers and why they need them


The science of non-verbal communication – how they feel what we feel

The science and practice of self-regulation – why that’s important for horses


Body Language unpacked

Memory and IQ

Individuality – character and temperament

Nervous system

Polyvagal Theory; fight, flight, freeze

co-regulation, congruence


Mindset – being present, aware and calm

Manners - establishing boundaries and respect

Conclusion: We have horses for MUTUAL BENEFIT and MUTUAL ENJOYMENT



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