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We are re-branding and re-launching. The pre-recorded video version is coming SOON!



From Muggle to Magician - Making Magic with Horses

A unique group coaching program with LIVE online support that helps adult amateurs who are seeking understanding and connection, become the best stewards for their horse in 6 weeks, without conflicting data, lack of knowledge, or not knowing where to go for help, so they understand how and why horses think and react the way they do, to create a relaxed and confident relationship.

1) Horsecraft 101: Recipe for Magic. Know Good Horsecraft when you see it and learn to see the world through your horse’s eyes & ears.

2) Horsecraft 202: Speak The Magic. Learn to create a fulfilling life for your horse, understand it’s language, and learn how to listen with your eyes, to create eager learners and happy horses.

3) Horsecraft 103: Wield The Magic. Now that we know the magical ingredients how do we cast the spell? Practical Applications of acquired knowledge with a chance for questions.

We have 3 phases, delivered in 9 lessons at your own pace, that break down equine evolution and the science of communication into FUN, DIGESTIBLE, ENGAGING and ENTERTAINING classes.

  • Influence of Equine Evolution

  • Awareness and mobility

  • Herding instinct & social structure

  • Prosodic use of voice

  • Equine Senses 

  • The science of non-verbal communication

  • The science and practice of self-regulation – why that’s important for horses 

  • Body Language unpacked

  • Polyvagal Theory; fight, flight, freeze


What is Horsecraft?

We will look at the definition of good horsemanship across the disciplines and the

common threads and attributes of good Horsecraft practitioners


A few of our Guiding Principles

  • Do the best you can with what you know. Then when you know better, do better.

  • Take life lightly and enjoy the ride.

  • Test yourself. Test your horse. Test your relationship, but realize that there will be limitations as you learn and grow. Find satisfaction in all of the little steps along the way. If you feel it, your horse will too.


  • Chose a pro that aligns with your values

  • Discern between training methods and become the consistent trainer your horse needs

  • Calm your nervous horse 

  • Develop trust and respect

  • Be who and what your horse needs in a leader

  • Make your horse happy to see you

  • How to create a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your horse

  • Live by our motto; Never Holler Whoa In A Tight Spot


The learning combines traditional horsemanship, with science-backed exercises and stories of our own successes and failures over the years, to help you develop the instincts and environment your horse needs to thrive and connect with you.

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