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Welcome to my Blog!
The Magic of Horsecraft ... and LIFE!

Join me here at the intersection of resilience, connection, horses, mentorship and LIFE, to share stories of falling down, standing up, facing fears, moving forward and seeking the Magic of Horsecraft and LIFE!


I have lived as unlikely a life as any – a too-tall, small-town girl who grew up to ride on castle lawns, competing against the world’s elitist horsemen and women, in the ‘Sport of Kings’. Early success was balanced by a series of challenges and hardships later in life, that have tested my resilience and my ability to find joy in hard times.

Through my most recent debacle that saw the confluence of bankruptcy, homelessness, separation, breast cancer, a radical double mastectomy and lymphadenectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and quarantine during the Covid 19 lockdown, I learned something important about myself. Apparently, I can be relied upon to ‘find joy in a shitstorm’!


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  Turns out, that’s my super power! That and a few other special powers that all seem to have something to do with shit. Like, I can turn shit into growth! I mean, I can fall down in a big pile of S.H.I.T. (literally AND metaphorically - see attached photo) and laugh at myself, dust myself off and grow. Remembering previous examples of my ability to do this, reminds me that I CAN … when I doubt myself again … and gives me the strength to do hard things. Like holding onto hope, when it seems foolish to even try.

Join me here, in my new Blog, to share stories of connection, resilience, falling down, standing up, facing fear and seeking joy through the shitstorms of life.




Take a Chance,



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