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A LEG UP – The Art and Science of Horsecraft

Coming Soon!

Image by Annie Spratt

Welcome to my Podcast ‘A Leg Up: The Art and Science of Horsecraft’, where we’ll talk to some of the ‘Magicians’ of the Horse World - and some Muggles, too - to find the common threads that unite us all.

Join us to discuss:

  • The definition of good horsemanship, or Horsecraft, as we are calling it,

  • What the ‘magic’ of being connected - or ‘in the zone’- with your horse feels like

  • How we have overcome fear

  • What living the principle ‘Never Holler Whoa In A Tight Spot’ looks like

  • What has given us the audacity to hope, in the face of hopeless looking situations

  • How we infuse joy into the lives of our horses, and into our lives, in general

  • Who has given us ‘A Leg Up’  and what good mentorship has looked like in our lives

  • What resilience has looked like in our lives

  • How Maya Angelou’s quote -“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” - has played out in our lives


So far, I have confirmed guests, including:

William Micklem, Lesley Grant-Law, Oded Shumoni, Vaughn Jefferis and Chelan Kozak and I will continue to acquire Magical guests from the top of every realm of the horse industry.

Image by Lisa Lyne Blevins