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We are RE-BRANDING and RE-LAUNCHING! Our video based course 'FROM MUGGLE TO MAGICIAN, MAKING MAGIC WITH HORSES will be out  at soon!

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I am a retired member of the Canadian Equestrian Team, an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, and a HeartMath Practitioner, who facilitates the art and science of self-regulation, communication and connection. I specialize in the ‘Magic’ in the horse-human connection – sort of like an interspecies relationship coach for horses and their humans!

As a budding artist and writer, I explore the themes of resilience and hope in the face of chaos and disaster. It was through my own massive train wreck that I discovered my super-power; turns out ...






I can find joy in a shitstorm, and YOU CAN TOO!  


My Mission?

Through my Blog and Social Media posts at Take the Lead, my mandate is to learn, grow, share and repeat. I own my vulnerability and my gaffs out loud, so you don't have to! I aim to inspire YOU, to give YOU hope and an example to cling to in hard times. Essentially, I am living proof that  ... ANYTHING is possible!

Through my Podcast A Leg Up: the Magic of Horsecraft and LIFE, I aim to share what I have learned about resilience, Horsecraft and connection. 


Learn how YOU can find joy in your shitstorms AND connect more deeply with horses, through our NEW COURSE, the FIRST in a series: 



Look for more courses, workshops and lively presentations to spread the Magic of connection and joyful living like fairy dust.

 I am on a mission to explore the Magic of the Horse-Human bond and the secrets of super-human resilience. Yes, there IS a connection!







Follow me on my journey: From Magician to Muggle and Back Again

, as I regain the Magic I once had with horses, lost to me through the stress of bankrupcy, divorce, homelessness, cancer, chemo and covid 19.  It is meant to inspire YOU, to give YOU hope, to provoke thought and to entertain.


I hope you’ll join me on what promises to be a Wilde ride!

Take a chance,



ANYTHING is possible!

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I learned so much from you. Not only because of your amazing and infinite riding and horsemanship skills, but also due to your kindness, desire to help others, work ethic and incredible spirit and zest for life. Thank you for being a part of my life during those crucial formative years.

Cara Shamess

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